business charging.

Mobilize Power Solutions provides comprehensive electric vehicle charging solutions that can be implemented within all types of businesses and organisations – from sole traders to corporates, from fleet & leasing companies through to local authorities and from car dealer forecourts to football clubs.

So, whatever your need or the size of your business, we can manage all or part of your project and our bespoke turnkey solutions can be adapted to every business’s budget or requirement.

an end-to-end solution.

We can manage your whole electric vehicle charging infrastructure and installation project or just step in at a critical stage when you need us. Our offering includes:

consultancy and planning

To ensure that your electric vehicle charging infrastructure meets the needs of your business today and in the future.

design and engineering services

Including technical feasibility analysis, and scaling assessment for charging infrastructure.

our finance

Mobilize Financial Solutions can provide funding for businesses to help spread the cost of infrastructure investment.


We procure and supply the charging hardware and associated equipment, and with our OZEV-authorised installers we carry out civil and electrical engineering works, testing and commissioning of installations and all project management.

custom support

We have a global partnership that provides round-the-clock customer support to ensure your infrastructure and charge points are working and meet the needs of your users.


We can also manage any potential power upgrade requirements for the site on your behalf.

connectivity & coverage.

Knowing how, when, and where to charge as well as how much it costs is integral to managing an electric fleet, as well as getting the most out of your electric vehicle. Working together with our own data and software experts as well as external specialists, we offer our business customers solutions that optimise net zero transport.

mobilize manager

Our back-end management software supports the operation, management and technical maintenance of your charging terminals and examines the behaviour of those using them. The platform also provides real-time monitoring, with analytics on energy usage, cost, and CO2 savings to facilitate optimisation and sustainability.

mobilize go

With our mobile app, fleet users can easily locate and securely access over 250,000 charge points across Europe. The route planning function also provides navigation with suitable charging stops based on distance and vehicle range.

mobilize business pass

A physical or digital RFID card that allows fleet users to securely access home, workplace, and national public charging facilities. The card also integrates Stripe, a gateway to accept payments so that charging expenses can be directly paid by the business.

robust & reliable.

We have a European-wide procurement framework that enables us to work with market-leading charge point manufacturers and ensure we have supplies on demand. It also means we can offer solutions that fit the site requirements, user needs and budget.

Our offering covers every type of charging technology from 7kW and 22 kW units (which are typically used within workplace environments) to DC Rapid Chargers. We also install double socket units so that you can better utilise space and serve multiple bays.

Our portfolio of technology partners provides choice and flexibility to our customers. To see who some of our partners are, visit our Partnership page.

return on investment.

We help you benefit from grants and funding that can make electric charging infrastructure projects more affordable and enable a better return on investment.

Our EV charging experts can work with you to take advantage of the Government run Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). This is a voucher-based scheme that helps cover the cost of installing electric vehicle charging facilities and the charge points, which are used by employees or fleets. This can cover up to £14,000 of the total costs of the purchase and installation of EV charge points.

We know what you need to complete and submit the forms so that there is no delay in administration. What’s more, we will even act on your behalf for any liaisons between the Distribution Network Operator (DNO), to ensure your energy supply meets the sites’ needs.

For more information about the Workplace Charging Scheme, visit the Government website or speak to one of our consultants.

Mobilize Financial Services is our strategic business finance partner that makes electric vehicle charging projects more affordable for our customers. Available funding and costs are calculated on an individual company basis. Speak to one of the team to find out more.

start your journey now.

If you are looking at installing charge points at your workplace or in your car park, call us now for a site assessment and discuss how we can help you.

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